Matrix velocity is that one tool that increases the value of CRM, Bridging the gap for Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment.

 Matrix velocity is a Natively Embedded add-in that provides a solid process for sales, finance, fullfillment and service and support with our advanced case to service work orders and entitlement contracts; All from one single view.

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Enable caregivers to improve patient care and create a safer patient environment.

Dataflo provides products and technology solutions that fit the needs of each individual healthcare worker and integrate with HIS and LIS systems to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve workflow. With Dataflo Consulting as your partner,  you will be able to decrease liability and minimize human error while improving the quality of care and reducing your cost per patient.

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Supply Chain Management

When it comes to decreasing the friction in supply chain management, Dataflo Consulting has the industry knowledge, 30+ years of real experience and the premiere relationships with Honeywell, Motorola, Symbol, and Zebra Technologies.

We have lead multi million dollar projects with an impeccable success rate!

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  • Salesforce CRM Add-In

    Matrix velocity - Adds functionality for Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment & Invoicing

  • Healthcare

    Improving work flows and ensuring patient safety. We hold a Six Sigma Green Belt in Healthcare

  • Supply Chain Management

    Reduce Friction in the Supply Chain with Process Engineering and Technology


Why Dataflo Consulting over the competition 

The company's DNA is rooted in an engineering background.  Dataflo is responsible for many industry firsts in systems integration and delivering unique systems to its client and customer base.  We never stop thinking!

Our heritage has always been about process improvement.  Our client focus is: How can we improve on what we’re doing that would result in an increase in quality, response times, and deliver the desired accuracy. Technology is simply the tool, a means to the end.  It is our meticulous thought process that delivers real results and return on investment.

Having lead projects for some of America's largest (and some of the smallest) companies, Dataflo is always in "problem solving" mode.  We always have our client's best interest in mind, a large portion of which are still with us after 30 years.  We think that speak volumes!

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