Ready or Not here THEY come - eSL's!


You are a retail pro!  You re-named “Black Friday “ to Green Friday.”  “Cyber Monday” was the perfect opportunity for you to perfect your multi-channel marketing scheme.  Going back to when you were a one-store wonder, you always had merchandising in mind.  You saw your competition as nothing more than a nuisance, and vowed to never be under-cut! 

Now, imagine a pricing strategy that is so dynamic, you literally could not print labels fast enough to keep up!  Imagine responding to competitive scenarios at the local, regional, national or even global level with the click of a button.  Imagine your “price match guarantee” happening automatically, whenever you want.  Imagine every SKU in your Brick & Mortar store having it’s own digital sign displaying pricing, product and marketing information.  Now, imagine playing the “man behind the curtain” while sipping your favorite cocktail on your favorite beach.

Meet the ESL!  (Electronic Shelf Label)


These inexpensive devices have proliferated throughout Europe, and are fast coming to the Americas, and Dataflo is once again at the forefront of another exciting new technology.

Todays ESLs even do more… Think:           

  • Way Finding

  • Shopping Lists

  • Beaconing

  • Coupon Pushes

  • More




SAMPLE VIDEO of how one customer is leveraging ESL's

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