The SmartTAG Family

With SmartTAG labels, you will provide your store with clear, readable and reliable prices. Our SmartTAG labels will offer your store strong promotional capacities and enhance your customer experience. 

SmartTAG – Segment labels

Use segment-based LCD displays for easy updating with colored promo and price zones. All sizes fit on the same rail together with the SmartTAG HD M and L. Extensive promotional support is available by simply adding a SmartCLIP on the side of the label or a SmartFRAME around the label.  Available in Small/Medium/Large.


SmartTAG HD – Graphic labels

Crisp High Definition displays use epaper technology for easy readability, with fine resolution for better rendering of text and graphics. The display is extra-wide with 170° viewing angle and low reflection in all lighting situations. This display integrates both sizes on the same rail, or alongside segment-based SmartTAG labels. The SmartTAG HD labels are easy to link with products because of their integrated ID barcode on the front. Just like the SmartTAG labels, extensive promotional supports are available.    Available in Medium/Large.


SmartTAG HD110 – Large graphic labels

A crisp High Definition display for easy readability with fine reso- lution for better rendering of text and graphics. This label offers the same advantages as the previous graphic labels but has a much bigger display so that it is possible to add more information about products, logos, photos. With this label, it is possible to use the SmartCLIP slot to easily insert promotional information directly on the side of the label. 


SmartTAG HD200 – Extra large graphic labels

A crisp High Definition display for easy readability with super clarity and contrast from up close or far away. All the advantages of the SmartTAG HD labels with a lot more space on the display to include even more, dynamic product and promotion information directly on the display. Its extra big size allows for bigger photos and more information than any other label. 


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