ESL Proof of Concept Kit 


Dataflo - Pricer POC kit.

Offered exclusively by Dataflo Consulting, this complete Proof of Concept kit is everything you need to execute your own POC in your store, office or lab.  The kit includes the following:

1x E3 Base Station

1x 50SE Infrared Transceiver

1x Pricer Server R4 license for E3 BS and 50SE Transceiver

1x each size and type of Pricer Infrared Electronic Shelf Label

Segment Labels

  •  1x SmartTAG E2  Small  
  •  1x SmartTAG E2  Medium
  •  1x SmartTAG E2  Large

Graphic Labels  

  •  1x SmartTAG HD Small
  •  1x SmartTAG HD Med+
  •  1x SmartTAG HD Large
  •  1x SmartTAG HD110
  •  1x SmartTAG HD200 Slim

1x Installation and configuration support

  •    Software Installation
  •    Software Configuration
  •    Training
  •    Phone Support (30 day)


To order, or for more information, contact us.