High quality & reliable technology


Enhanced Diffuse Infrared

Benefit from extra-long range wireless connectivity using enhanced diffuse infrared, the most secure and stable wireless communication for your sensitive data. With diffuse infrared, line of sight is not needed as signals reflect from all surfaces and reach the sensitive receiver. The infrared technology is faster and does not suffer from interference which is particularly important today as more and more other in-store devices use radiofrequency for mobility reasons.

Pacemaker technology

Each label battery is solicited only when needed. On top of this, we use infrared for connectivity which is a low energy consumption technology. Therefore we can make our labels last a long time – up to 8 years for segment displays, up to 5 for graphical displays.


Bi-directional communication

Manage your ESLs from your central office. You want to make sure your labels receive information correctly? Let them tell you! Each label acknow- ledges when an update has been received. This op- tion becomes more important as you display more and more information on graphic labels.

Continuous innovation

Our innovation department is continuously working to anticipate our customers’ needs. We were the first to introduce graphic labels and the first to equip a store with NFC labels. Innovation is what brought us here and it keeps us leading the industry.


ESL management software


The key component of the system is the web-based software which supports the way retailers implement and manage the ESL environment. This powerful software enables the scale for quick and efficient deployment as well as store-wide management and store usability. Our software is designed to offer fast and reliable price management, full visibility with management supervision and control which helps to optimize ESL use and expense, system access and maintenance.

A future-proof solution

We offer a complete solution overview for head- quarter support and control with system alerts, monitoring, system history, etc, supporting both segment-based SmartTAGs and graphic SmartTAG HD electronic shelf labels, making it the most flexible, future proof system available. 


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