An Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a compact wireless price tag which displays product price and traditional pricing scenarios (such as product SKU, barcode, rebates, etc.) via an LCD or graphical Electronic Paper display. 

The ESL allows price updates through a wireless network, directly to the shelf label. The update can be broadcast by geo locations anywhere at anytime, with the click of a mouse, and ensures continuity of pricing across all your channels.

As a result, the ESL eliminates the time and resources involved with changing and validating traditional paper price labels, and updating merchandising signage and displays.



The Opportunity:

Every shelf item has the opportunity to provide an endcap experience with your customer, right  in the isle.

Interact with your customers. 

Interact with your customers with useful messages such as promotions, stock remaining, percentage discounts and more. You can also add barcodes, as well as QR codes to link your customers via their phone to marketing campaigns, recipes or social media. Or if you’re using the segment labels, no problem, choose NFC.


Guarantee the same price across all channels.

Customers are now using the internet and smartphones, as well as going in store to compare prices, prior to making their purchase decisions. Bring your physical store up to digital speed and close the purchase in store – with digital labels you can adjust your prices as fast as they are adjusted in your web store, and give your customers the same quality experience no matter how they shop. 



Bottom Line:

Electronic shelf label solutions are time saving with a competitive edge.  Move faster, move smarter, move with confidence, and have your compitetion chasing you.  Priceless!

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