Enable caregivers to improve patient care and create a safer patient environment.

Dataflo has developed a unique understanding of the interaction between medical devices, users and healthcare environments. We partner with you to create products and a workflow designed for your healthcare setting.


Meet the challenges of bedside med administration and patient charting.

Dataflo is an industry-leading IT solutions provider offering state of the art solutions designed to meet the challenges of bed-side med administration and patient charting. We do this via leading edge mobile cart systems, wall arm solutions, mobile computing, state of the art scanners and handheld devices designed specifically for the hospital and healthcare industries.

Improve Quality of Patient Care with Patient and Staff Tracking

With features created especially for the medical industry, mthree is an essential tool for tracking assets real-time. Increasing productivity at a time when capital expenditures are highly scrutinized is a tall order.  Couple that with ongoing pressure to enhance the quality of care provided to its patients and it's easy to understand that medical facilities are faced with a difficult challenge.  mthree is a solution that will help you track high-value assets and reduce operating costs.


Patient Safety Is Your Priority

Hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S. continually address issues of patient safety, medical error, and staff productivity. Every year, patient care is compromised and millions of dollars and hours are wasted due to errors in medication administration, transfusion, verification, specimen collection and diagnostics, patient charging and point-of-care testing. Administrators are seeking proven, reliable and cost-effective technology solutions that deliver true value by eliminating errors, enhancing workflow efficiencies, and empowering their staff to focus on what they do best: patient services and care.

Why Dataflo?

For over 28 years, Dataflo has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions to the hospital and healthcare communities.  At Dataflo, we understand your needs and experts at providing error-proofing and productivity solutions and products used by hospitals and healthcare providers to:  

  • Reduce costly medical errors
  • Ensure safe drug administration
  • Positively identify patients
  • Streamline lab workflows
  • Empower staff with greater productivity
  • Provide new levels of patient comfort, safety and satisfaction


Improve Quality of Care with Bar coding and Wireless Technologies

Dataflo provides products and technology solutions that fit the needs of each individual healthcare worker and integrate with HIS and LIS systems to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve workflow. By using the latest bar coding and wireless technologies, you will be able to decrease liability and minimize human error while improving the quality of care and reducing your cost per patient.

  • Laboratory bar code specimen ID and tracking
  • Immunization management
  • Patient ID wristbands and chart labeling
  • Pharmacy technologies
  • Point of Care technologies

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