Matrix velocity is designed for the sales order and fulfillment process through inventory locations and purchase orders.  It is designed to manage account inventories and purchase history.  With the added feature to create and track service work orders on equipment.

If your company provides on-site inventory locations for the heathcare industry and has field sales manage those invenotries, then take a close look at Matrix velocity!


Matrix velocity is a powerfull business tool that is embedded within the Salesforce CRM platform and is natively developed.  This tool will provide your organization the structure required to move fluidly in an everchanging business environment where more through put per person is required.   Having the knowledge of Who, What, Where and When, at your fingertips is priceless!


If you haven't looked at Matrix velocity, you owe it to your account representatives, your clients and yourself.

Matrix,  it's what makes your business a business!