Supply Chain, Elasticity 


The Path to Peak Supply Chain Performance

Most contemporary manufacturers operate in a world in which change is the only constant. Customer demand changes weekly, commodity prices fluctuate daily, and an unforeseen global financial crisis forces previously dependable suppliers out of business with little or no notice. In this environment, simply running a lean operation is not sufficient. In the current business climate, manufacturers need to take lean principles a step further. They must build a level of flexibility into their lean processes, providing the ability to respond quickly—and appropriately— to constantly changing business conditions without ratcheting up operating costs.

With over 30 years of experience in applying data collection technologies, Dataflo has bulit the knowledge base from experiance to help clients through the maze of multifacited technologies.

  We do this by breaking down an array of technologies including:

  • Mobile Computing Solutions
  • Bar Code
  • RFID
  • Thermal Print Systems
  • Hand Selected Media Solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Cloud or Terra Based Applications


 ...and in doing so, we mitegate the noise of all the gee wize gadgets, and show how the tools can be applied to your project with the expected results.


 Call us, I know we can help and you'll find our approuch as a member of your team, not a sale or the next deal!

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