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Dataflo Consulting - Capturing the data for smarter supply chain management.


Dataflo provides a consultative approach to solving issues within your supply chain. We are a process-oriented company with over 30 years of experience in the bar code and data collection industry.

Mobile computers extend the reach of the enterprise to capture and exchange information on the floor or in the field. Many feature integrated scanning, voice, and other data management features. Companies trust General Data’s innovative mobile computing solutions that increase productivity, lower costs, and deliver value.

Bar Code Scanners for Every Application:


General Purpose Barcode Scanners - These barcode scanners and 2D imagers are loaded with options and can be wired (tethered) or wireless with Bluetooth technology. They are used everywhere, including light industrial, retail, office, healthcare and point-of-sale.

Rugged Barcode Scanners - Designed to withstand harsh or extreme conditions – including temperature, weather, drops to concrete, and dusty, dirty environments – these barcode scanners and 2D imagers also offer many utility and communication options.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners - Fixed mount barcode scanners and 2D imagers allow for hands-free or high-speed automated scanning. These have many applications, including sortation systems, point-of-sale, work-in-process and healthcare.


Mobile Computers for Every Application:

 Handheld Mobile Computers - 

Versatile handheld mobile computers maximize productivity by combining the latest wireless, data, voice, barcode scanning, camera, Windows Mobile, and other technologies into one device.

  Wearable Mobile Computers        GET A QUOTE

Designed for applications where hands-free bar code scanning and mobile computing is a must, including package handling/sortation, picking and warehousing. They are used with a ring scanner for point and scan simplicity.

  Vehicle-Mount Mobile Computers        GET A QUOTE

Rugged and powerful, vehicle-mount mobile computers mount to forklifts and can withstand harsh warehouse environments. They feature large, easy-to-read screens, integrated keyboards, and attach to input devices such as RFID readers and barcode scanners.

    Rugged Mobile Computers  GET A QUOTE

Rugged notebook computers and tablet computers designed for harsh environments and extreme temperatures. They use full Windows operating system and feature a wide range of connectivity, data input and software options.

  RFID Readers        GET A QUOTE

RFID technology can deliver real-time tracking information by providing greater visibility of location and movement. These tag readers extend the capabilities of mobile computer to include RFID tag reading and writing.

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