Does your company have a strategy to manage through uncertainty?

In the current economic downturn, high-performance businesses should take decisive action from a position of strength. Dataflo has deployed a framework that helps assess corporate strategic readiness and then outlines the strategies that companies can adopt to manage through uncertainty with the ultimate goal of high performance firmly in their sights.

Although economic downturns are nothing new, rapidly intensifying globalization has made the business environment notably more complex, and has increased risk and uncertainty. Managing through these uncertain times is undoubtedly more of a challenge. Companies will depend on their ability to make sound decisions often based on less certain data than they would ideally like – even though the risk of wrong decisions is high.

Wait and see is no longer an option.

High performance business research shows that as companies execute strategies in a downturn, they need to keep an eye on their long-term goal of achieving high performance. They must continually balance, align and renew the three building blocks of performance:

  • Market focus and position (the “where and how to compete” aspect of business strategy) is particularly important in managing though a downturn
  • Distinctive capabilities
  • Performance anatomy

What strategies should companies that are at risk and even those that are sound follow to improve their competitive and financial positions in today’s uncertain times?

Dataflo proposes three strategic routes:
Performance strategies. Today more than ever companies need to get more value out of each employee. By mapping processes and applying M3, (move, measure, manage) setting goals with managed outcomes will result in an increase in productivity.

Scale strategies. These strategies aim to drive down costs by increasing throughput to an existing infrastructure or to leverage “in-place” competencies.

Operations strategies. Our experience shows that the ability to execute is arguably the most critical factor in whether a company can achieve high performance in uncertain times. This ability depends on access to the right information at the right time, having the right people with the right skills in the right roles and effective change management.

Our people have the experience to transform your company.

Steven Campisi, Dataflo’s Managing Director-Finance Operations has extensive experience successfully implementing these strategies. Steven leads our company’s combined Finance & Performance Management service line for our Products Operating Group. He has 25 years of experience assisting clients with a broad variety of strategic and operational issues, as well as dominance in the technology sector. He is focused on achieving dramatic performance improvement and restructuring to realize transformational change.

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